Autumn 2018 Small Groups Series

We invite you to explore through the St. Luke’s Lent Small Group Series. All materials provided by St. Luke’s. What you’ll be committing to:

•Weekly attendance at the group to the extent possible from October 14 – November 18
•Participation in the life of St. Luke’s (Sunday morning liturgy feeds small group reflection and vice versa)
•Meeting new people
•Having fun!


Our offerings for this season are:

We Who Are Many

Recent biological research is finding out more and more about the microbes living in and among us and that we pass from one to another. How does this impact our understanding of God? How does the Christian tradition offer tools to what these discoveries mean in our own lives? Part science, part theology, all fascinating.
When: Sundays at 11:45 AM
Group Leaders: Kat Banakis, Martha Meyer

2018 Election Issues

This class will offer an opportunity to reflect on 2018 election issues including workforce, incarceration, immigration, and childcare. The curriculum will include the most recent season of the Holy Holy Podcast.
When: Wednesday 7:00PM
Group Leaders: Courtney Reid, Perry Sartori

Companions in Prayer

Meet for prayer and fellowship at a local coffee shop to reflect on God in our lives and pray for one another.
When: Wednesdays, 7:00PM
Group Leaders: Christopher Drummond

Architecture, Music, and Memorials: Exploring St. Luke’s Worship Spaces

New to Christianity in general or the Episcopal Church in particular? Come learn, discuss, and engage on the history and present of our church.
When: Sundays, 11:45AM,
Group Leaders: Christine Kraemer, Jeannette DeFriest

Justice Discernment (ongoing)

Together we explore our individual and collective calls to work for racial and economic justice in Chicago
Facilitators include Kat Banakis and Tim O’Brien. Please email for more information.

Young Readers and Interpreters (ongoing)

This group of older elementary and early middle readers has read everything from a graphic novel version of A Wrinkle in Time to Breaking Stalin’s Nose. We have also engaged Biblical text through reader’s theater and other means. Equally important to the texts and conversation is the pizza.
Facilitators include Reenie Ruckdaeschel, Martha Meyer, Becky Strehlow, and many others. Please email or for more information.